Author Aaron Allston has passed away

Expanded Universe fans, and fans of awesome people, were sad to learn last night that author Aaron Allston passed away, reportedly due to massive heart failure after collapsing at VisionCon. Aaron was a huge fan favorite in the Expanded Universe. Many others have already said it, but it bears repeating: Aaron was unparallelled in finding the humor in Star Wars. Even during 'dark' series like The New Jedi Order and Fate of the Jedi, Allston's books would consistently make me laugh out loud. I remember being in middle school and reading the X-Wing series, and loving every book Michael Stackpole was writing so much. I was hugely disappointed when I got to Wraith Squadron and saw that Stackpole was off the series. There was no way this new guy could be as good. I count that as one of the times I've been most wrong about an EU book. No offense to Mike Stackpole, but I ended up loving the Wraith Squadron novels so much more than the books about Rogue Squadron. Who else but Aaron Allston would be able to make the idea of an Ewok fighter pilot not be completely ridiculous in a bad way, but completely ridiculous in a good way? On top of his great writing, Aaron Allston was an incredible person. I had the pleasure of talking with him briefly at a few Celebrations and Dragon*Cons, and he couldn't have been nicer. Like Dunc, I also get nervous when talking with celebrities of any kind, and he very graciously accepted my awkward, stumbling praise of his work. His panels at Dragon*Con were always a highlight, and will be sorely missed. May the Force be with him.

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