Expanding The Clone Wars – Order 66


Welcome back to Expanding The Clone Wars, a series where I explore how the continuity created by The Clone Wars has influenced the Star Wars Legends/Expanded Universe canon. This is my analysis on how the inhibitor chip affects stories from Star Wars Legends

Contingency Order 66 Traviss_-_Star_Wars_-_Order_66_CoverartOrder 66 has been explored by the Expanded Universe in detail but season six of The Clone Wars introduced a new plot point that changes the way we look at Order 66 in Legends canon. Introduced in the Republic Commando novels, Order 66 was one of 150 Contingency Orders for the Grand Army of the Republic that covered any worst case scenario the clones would have to obey without question. Order 66 was buried among the other 149 orders as not to arouse the suspicion of the Jedi. Everything from Order 4 that shifted GAR command to the vice chair to Order 37 that allowed clones initiate mass arrests and threaten execution. The Jedi Order would be well aware of the 150 Orders but wouldn’t know Protocol 66 was planned by the Sith as part of their ultimate plan. In season six, we were introduced to the fact that an organic inhibitor chip was installed by the Kaminoans into every normal clone as a fail safe so a clone couldn’t disobey Protocol 66. The Republic Commando novels mentioned that the Contingency Orders were taught and not programmed, yet we can assume an override for one particular order would have been implanted in the inhibitor chip. This raises the question how some clones in the Expanded Universe chose not to go through with Order 66. 250px-Dark_lord In Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader, Ion Team led by Clone Commando Captain Climber refused to execute his Jedi General as he suspected the Order was commanded in mistake as part of a Separatist ploy. They set up an ambush against the clones who followed the order and helped the Jedi escape. During Operation: Knightfall and the invasion of the Jedi Temple in Order 66: A Republic Commando Novel, Jedi Master Arligan Zey managed to escape the Temple and encountered Null ARC Captain Ordo and ARC Captain Maze. Ordo explained Order 66 to Arligan and Captain Maze decided to not follow orders, purposely missing his shot against Arligan Zey and then helping him escape to Mandalore. CWA9full Two normal clones who didn’t go through with Order 66 were Corr, a clone trooper who should later join Omega Squad, and clone pilot HOB-147, who was stranded from the war when Order 66 was issued and saved a group of younglings in Clone Wars Adventures Volume 9 - Salvaged. So how did they refuse the order if they had inhibitor chips? We can assume some of the modified clones including Null, Alpha-ARCs, and Republic Commandos either didn't even have the chip implanted or since they were closer to unmodified Jango Fett DNA, they had more self-control to fight against the chip without realizing it. The Null-ARCs were part of a volatile “uncommandable” group of clones that were to be executed due to being a failed batch. This most likely means the Nulls didn't have an inhibitor chip installed and the Kaminoans didn't want them loose. 300px-Star_Wars_Republic_Commando_Triple_Zero The ARC troopers were not applied the standard behaviour correction and seeing how Republic Commando squads Omega, Delta, and Ion barley even hesitated to disobey the order, we can assume it's because they were given a greater capacity for independent thought in comparison to normal clones. Captain Maze was an Alpha-class ARC and since he did suffer physical trauma during the war and had many surgeries the inhibitor chip may have been removed. This may have also been the case for Corr as he was a normal clone but he did have many surgeries due to physical trauma. Finally, HOB-147 would have still had the inhibitor chip installed but since he never received the order directly, the inhibitor chip was never activated. Next Time: Darth Bane and the Rule of Two

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Andy Ury joined EUCantina in 2012 as a columnist of the weekly Expanding The Clone Wars column, exploring the current Expanded Universe and fitting it in with the new continuity brought about with The Clone Wars TV series. Andy has been a huge Star Wars fan since first viewing the VHS Special Edition of the Original Trilogy in 2002, and since then he has poured over every detail of the SWEU. Andy believes every aspect of the Star Wars Expanded Universe can somehow be retconned into one cohesive continuity, including Lil’ Maul and Skippy the Jedi Droid.