Review: The Star Wars #6

The Star Wars Review Banner 6Script: J. W. Rinzler Art: Mike Mayhew Colors: Rain Beredo Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover: Nick Runge General Luke Skywalker has narrowly avoided capture and escaped the Gordon Spaceport, but Imperial fighters are not going to allow the Jedi General and his traveling group of rogues to escape that easily.  The action and excitement continues as our alternate universe heroes continue to evade the Empire and fight to preserve freedom for the Aquilae system.

The Star Wars #6

We open with Annikin and Whitsun in the turrets of their ship as the Imperial fighters bare down on them.  It's tense and exciting, while also pushing the limits of believablity for even this wild sci-fi story.  Of course, as always Artwo is there to save the day.  A narrow escape and a noble sacrifice later our remaining heroes find themselves stranded on the planet Yavin, but they are definitely not alone on this planet. There does seem to be a lot of heroes sacrificing themselves in this series.  It really does make me question, how many of our heroes will live to see the end.  It's a higher body count than I am used to in Star Wars, at least as far as the heroes are concerned. I remember hearing that George Lucas's original rough draft for Star Wars quickly became too big to fit into one movie, and now that we have been reading it, I believe it.  Each one of these issues has been jam packed with action, and this latest issue is no different.  There might be more going in just this one issue than in some full length movies.  This issue alone has a space battle, a chase through an asteroid field, a zero-G rescue, a ship crash, a jungle adventure, fight with bounty hunters, and a tribal honor battle.  That is a lot to squeeze into 22 pages.  No can accuse this book of being boring. Maybe it's because of so much action, but the story and writing seem to flow better here than they have in the past, and of course the art continues to be the high point of the book.  This continues to be a beautiful book to look at and a fun, action packed read.  This has become one of my most I anticipated books because I never know what I'm going to get inside.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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