Review: The Star Wars #7

The Star Wars review banner 7 Script: J. W. Rinzler Art: Mike Mayhew Colors: Rain Beredo Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover: Nick Runge When we last left our heroes they were stranded and separated on Yavin.  Han Solo and General Luke Skywalker met a friendly local named Owen Lars.  Princess Leia has been kidnapped by Darth Vader.  Now our heroes must find a way to save her from the Empire.  The last hope for saving the Princess and defeating the Empire now seems to be coming from the most unlikely of sources, the native Wookiees.

The Star Wars #7

In this version of the story, the Wookiees are not as technologically advanced as they would later become.  They are still playing the role of the primitives who dwell in the trees that would later become the Ewoks.  The Wookiees themselves are not that different from the Wookiees we know and love, but Mike Mayhew has given us designs based on Ralph McQuarrie's original concepts.  I never really liked McQuarrie's design for the Wookiees.  They look more alien and less like man's best friend. The story here is more Return of the Jedi than it is A New Hope.  General Skywalker is leading an assault on the local Imperial outpost so that they can save Princess Leia.  The attack on the Imperial base is the big action scene.  I wish we could see a battle like this in the films. The young boys, Windy and Biggs, were left with Threepio in Owen Lars' care while General Skywalker, Han Solo and Annikan go to save Princess Leia.  This lead to a minor scene that I had to wonder why they even bothered to include this scene until I realized I have seen a version of it before.  It's very similar to a scene from the Star Wars Holiday Special.  I always love it when they can reference the Holiday Special. J.W. Rinzler continues to do the best he can with George Lucas' rough draft story.  The story flows better here than it has in some of the previous issues.  Mike Mayhew's art and Rain Beredo's colors continue to make this a visually stunning book. Only one more issue remains in this alternate universe mini-series.  I'm excited to see how this all wraps up.  This current issue is all buildup to next month's finale.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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