A New Dawn for the Expanded Universe?

BookNewsMK Today Del Rey updated the Star Wars Books Facebook page with a very exciting new cover image. Teasing a "new dawn" this September, the image features a reddish sky with two suns. Is this new book set on Tatooine? Will this be the rumored Expanded Universe reboot, and a prelude to Episode VII? A Kenobi sequel? We don't know yet, but an announcement is probably coming sooner rather than later if Del Rey was authorized to change the Facebook image to this teaser. An interesting note from Eleven-ThirtyEight: This book will be coming out before the final Empire and Rebellion book focusing on Luke Skywalker. Depending on what in-universe year this new dawn is taking place in, some of the current Expanded Universe could still fit in the official canon. Things may have been slow around EUCantina lately, but as Expanded Universe news starts to ramp up again as we learn more about Disney's plans for the franchise, we'll have you covered on all the new announcements! New Dawn [Facebook via Club Jade]

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