Review: Rebel Heist #2

Rebel Heist 2 banner Script: Matt Kindt Pencils: Marco Castiello Inks: Dan Parsons Colors: Gabe Eltaeb Lettering: Michael Heisler Standard and Ultravariant Cover Art: Adam Hughes Variant Cover Art: Matt Kindt An Imperial Officer is dead.  Sarin, an undercover Rebel operative's cover is blown and she is on the run.  She is being followed, but she holds important information that must be delivered to her Rebel contacts.  She needs the best the Rebellion has to offer, a true master of espionage and tactics to get the information out.  The Rebellion has sent her Princess Leia?

Rebel Heist #2

We fans know what Princess Leia is capable of.  We know that she is so much more than just a political idealist who is trading on a tragedy and her families name.  Not many know what she is capable of.  She quickly takes control of the situation and not only proves herself the equal of anyone in the Rebellion but also master spies like James Bond or Natasha Romanoff. Once again the story is told from the Rebel operative's point of view rather than our classic hero.  We see Leia through Sarin's eyes and perceptions.  Last time, Jan (his name is revealed in this issue's notes) was rather unimpressed with Han Solo.  However, Sarin underestimates Leia, and quickly realizes that she is more than a spoiled princess playing spy games. Sarin is a dancer on the pleasure planet of Feddasyr, a neutral planet that neither the Empire or Rebellion lay claim to.  It's all very Casablanca, but with Stormtroopers.  Sarin's cover is blown after she kills an Imperial Officer, she runs to meet her Rebel contacts and meets up with Princess Leia.  Leia takes over the mission since everyone is looking for Sarin. I don't know if anyone has ever used the term femme fatale to describe Princess Leia before, but that is the best term to describe her here.  She has a deadly beauty about her.  Sarin is no slouch either.  It is very enjoyable to read a story about two female characters who are fully capable and avoid falling into any one of numerous cliches. Matt Kindt has given us two very unique and very strong issues so far.  I'm sure that in the next two issues we will see how these separate story elements come together.  However, this issue mostly stands on it's own, and could be fully enjoyed without reading the previous or following issues.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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