Review: Star Wars #18

Star Wars 18 banner Script: Brian Wood Pencils: Stephane Crety Inks: Julien Hugonnard-Bert Colors: Gabe Eltaeb Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Victor Manuel Leza The Imperial Fleet has arrived in orbit over Arrochar.  The order has been given to bombard the planet, destroy the Rebellion at all costs or collateral damage.  Meanwhile on the planet's surface, Imperial loyalist troops are attacking.  The Rebels are caught between two forces that we seemingly stop at nothing to destroy them.

Star Wars #18

It's no secret that I have not been enjoying this Arrochar storyarc.  It's been lacking a lot of classic Star Wars feel.  The story has been weak, mostly saved by a small amount of action or a quick unexpected turn.  Thankfully this story comes to a close here, quite literally with a bang. We open on Coruscant with the Emperor chiding Vader for his brash actions in going after the Rebels.  Darth Vader has always been one to lead the charge and it is killing him that he can not be there to bring the hammer down on the Rebels himself.  He swears that this will never happen again.  Brian Wood may have some Sith in him.  He really seems to capture the tortured essence that is Darth Vader, making him both pathetic and terrifying. Before Leia can make it to the chapel, the palace erupts as Arrochar troops loyal to the Empire begin attacking and the Imperial fleet begins it's bombardment.  Leia and Mon Mothma are trapped and must fight their way out.  I did enjoy seeing both of them taking a more active role and not waiting to be saved.  It's nice that a bit of character work is mixed in with the action. This book is solid action.  Each of our main characters is running from one explosion to the next as they try to save themselves and as many innocents as possible.  The final escape of the Rebels is a nice tie in to Empire Strikes Back, but it does make the Imperial commanders look even more incompetent than they already seemed, as it appears that they fell for the same exact same trick at Hoth. There aren't many issues of this Star Wars run left.  I'm glad that we didn't have to go out on this sour note.  These last few issues have been difficult to read and review.  I'm biased to love anything Star Wars, and I've tried to find anything positive that I could to pull out of these, but with each issue it was becoming harder and harder to find something.  This issue was the strongest out of the arc, but I do have to wonder if we couldn't have gotten here sooner.

3/5 Kath Hounds

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