Marvel’s first new Star Wars is their old Star Wars

comic-news-v2 There's been a lot of talk about what Marvel's first Star Wars output since they had the license in the 80's would be, and a week ahead of San Diego Comic Con we get our first news. In January 2015, the Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus will reprint the first Star Wars comics ever released (something Dark Horse has also done with their A Long Time Ago... Omnibuses, for what it's worth). The wording in the release is a bit tricky. It says it features "the entire run of Marvel's classic series," which implies this is all of Marvel's old Star Wars work, but the volume actually collects issues #1-44 and Annual #1. Out of 114 total issues between the main series, annuals, and the Return of the Jedi adaptation, that's not quite an entire run. Expect more of these hardcovers if this volume sells well. If this news isn't as exciting as you were hoping for, don't forget that San Diego Comic Con is next week, so there's still potential for a new ongoing series to be announced there. Original Marvel Omnibus []

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