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Welcome back to Expanding The Clone Wars, a series where I explore how the continuity created by The Clone Wars has influenced the Star Wars Legends/Expanded Universe canon. This is my analysis on Darth Bane, the Rule of Two, and more in season six.


250px-JvSTPBcoverThe infamous Sith Lord Darth Bane makes a cameo in the thirteenth and final episode of The Clone Wars season six "Sacrifice." Bane rebuilt the Sith Order with the Rule of Two in the pages of the comic Jedi vs. Sith and later the Darth Bane Trilogy and this character is drawn heavily upon from the Expanded Universe. When writing the seventeenth episode of season three The Ghost of Mortis, Darth Bane and Darth Revan were planned to appear styled after their Expanded Universe look. However, a decision between Dave Filoni and George Lucas to cut that scene out was based around Sith Lord Force spirits and the implications it would have on the uniqueness of Jedi Force ghosts. When Sacrifice rolled around, the team of The Clone Wars decided to update his design as a fiery spectre to keep an ambiguity around Sith illusions and that they differ from Jedi Force ghosts. In the Legacy comics, Darth Bane's holocron fell into the hands of Darth Krayt and the gatekeeper for Darth Bane's holocron was Bane in his orbalisk armour he originally grafted to his skin in the Darth Bane Trilogy books. Later the orbalisk armour would be removed and it is assumed after this he would have forged the armour we see him wear as he appears in front of Yoda.  Moraband vs. Korriban 975355-star_wars__tales_of_the_jedi__the_golden_age_of_the_sith___funeral_for_a_dark_lord__2__1996_11____page_1In Sacrifice, Yoda visited the Sith Homeworld of Moraband and this caused major controversy with Legends fans. Moraband was clearly based after the world of Korriban, which we have seen in countless books, comics, and video games since Tales of the Jedi. Seeing as this was the original home world of the Sith species with a history that goes back far beyond 30,000 BBY, there could have easily been many names for the world. Even when the world was under the Xim Empire, it was known as Pesegam only to be renamed as Korriban by the Sith. My theory is that after the New Sith Wars ended, the world was renamed within Republic galactic maps as not to associate the world with its dark past. Korriban was the centre of many Sith Wars that were devastating to the Republic and as the saying goes, history is written by the victor. Rule of Two In the Yoda arc, the Jedi Master recognized the apparition of Darth Bane and was familiar with the Rule of Two. The Rule of Two has been a closely guarded secret by the Sith themselves so technically Yoda or the Council shouldn't be aware of this but here's how the Expanded Universe has explained it. 2833170-ruleoftwo Mentioned in Darth Plagueis and originally in the Living Force Campaign Guide, in 181 BBY Jedi Kibh Jeen and his master were sent to investigate a Sith fortress on Almas and Kibh fell to the dark side, murdered his master, and assembled an army of pirates to wage war in the Cularin system. He eventually discovered the Sith order was still in existence and reformed under the Rule of Two and his dying words were "There were always two Sith, no more no less." Yoda may have overhead this but thought them the ramblings of a madman until many years later when Darth Maul revealed himself and realized the truth to Kibh's statement. Darthplagueis-cover Around the time of Kibh Jeen’s fall to the Dark Side, the active Sith was a Twi’lek Sith Lord who would go onto train Rugess Nome (Darth Tenebrous) as per the novel Darth Plagueis. This was near the time Darth Tenebrous opened a small rend in the fabric of the Force allowing the Dark Side of the Force be felt by the Jedi. This would eventually cause the dark side to cloud Jedi judgment as we would see in the prequels. We can assume the Jedi Council would fear the return of the Sith and dismissing the claims of a madman would be easier than to actually build on those statements and risk losing all they have worked for.  

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Andy Ury joined EUCantina in 2012 as a columnist of the weekly Expanding The Clone Wars column, exploring the current Expanded Universe and fitting it in with the new continuity brought about with The Clone Wars TV series. Andy has been a huge Star Wars fan since first viewing the VHS Special Edition of the Original Trilogy in 2002, and since then he has poured over every detail of the SWEU. Andy believes every aspect of the Star Wars Expanded Universe can somehow be retconned into one cohesive continuity, including Lil’ Maul and Skippy the Jedi Droid.