Review: Rebel Heist #4

Rebel Heist 4 review banner Script: Matt Kindt Pencils: Marco Castiello Inks: Dan Parsons Colors: Gabe Eltaeb Lettering: Michael Heisler Standard and Ultravariant Cover Art: Adam Hughes Variant Cover Art: Matt Kindt It's the final issue of Matt Kindt's unique story of a top secret Rebel mission.  Han Solo and Princess Leia have been captured.  Chewbacca has delivered the package.  The focus in this fourth and final issue turns the spotlight on to Luke Skywalker.

Rebel Heist #4

Once again, the story is told from the point of view of an outsider.  This time it's an Imperial spy, Ellak, who is trailing the young Skywalker.  The spy quickly discovers that something is different about this mission and about Luke.  The twist is we see the full plan laid out, from Han's seemingly crazy drunken antics to Leia's covert mission to Chewbacca's efforts to get the package delivered safely.  It's through Ellak's eyes that we get the missing pieces of the story. Matt Kindt's writing continues to be strong here.  Luke is a very tricky character to write for, especially in this time between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.  It's a difficult balance to walk with him showing promise and abilities but not being too powerful.  For the most part I believe Kindt has nailed it, but there were a few moments where I found myself questioning the choices.  Kindt does a great job once all of the characters are reunited showing the bond they share. This has been a very unique book.  The construction of the plot and the story telling devices used have worked to build something that is original and compelling.  I'm not sure if the finale delivered on all of the promise of the preceding issues, but that could be because the earlier issues went to such heights of originality. Endings are hard.  Audiences can have a mixed reaction to the ending.  A bad ending can retroactively ruin the whole story.  It can be very difficult to end a story like this one.  Rebel Heist so far has had so many unanswered questions and twists that it can be hard to deliver on all the promises made. This book seems so different from what we would normally think of a Star Wars story, but at the same time feels like a classic Star Wars adventure story.  Plus, how can you not love Luke jumping from rooftop to rooftop silently taking out the bad guys like Batman.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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