Thank You Dark Horse Comics

Column This week marks the final scheduled release in the Expanded Universe, or as it has been rebranded, Legends time line.  Dark Horse comics has the unique privilege of closing it out with the final issue in the Legacy series. dhlogo_250Dark Horse has been consistently putting out Star Wars stories since the early days of the EU with the release of Dark Empire in 1991.  It was Dark Horse comics who helped pull Star Wars fans out of the dark times and back into the fandom.  It's hard to imagine what Star Wars would be like without the stories and characters from the various Dark Horse titles.  Aayla Secura, Quinlan Vos, Cade Skywalker, Kir Kanos and many others all got their starts in the pages of Dark Horse comics. It can be hard for fans today to comprehend a world without Star Wars.  Beginning in 1985, Kenner stopped producing Star Wars action figures and Marvel stopped publishing Star Wars comics.  With no new movies on the horizon, Star Wars retreated into the background much like Ben Kenobi hiding on Tatooine.  This was the Dark Times. It wasn't until 1991 that a spark of life began to return to the galaxy far far away.  Timothy Zahn published Heir to the Empire in June.  In December, Dark Horse followed with the first issue of Dark Empire.  Fans had the beginnings of the modern EU, stories continuing the adventures of our heroes after Return of the Jedi.  Dark Horse continued to publish Star Wars comics on a regular basis for over the next 20 years. Dark Horse and it's many employees have been some of the best Star Wars ambassadors and fans in their own right.  They have attracted top talent in the industry and taken challenges to help expand the brand and the universe of Star Wars. I would like to personally thank Dark Horse for the immeasurable enjoyment they have given us fans, the characters and stories they have created, and the risks they have taken to give us new and interesting stories. Star Wars is entering a new chapter.  It is an unprecedented one for us fans, but in all our excitement for what the next new Star Wars era brings us, let's not forget those who helped keep Star Wars alive.  Dark Horse helped bring Star Wars out of the basements and closets of the world and put it back on top.  For that, we will always be thankful.

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Paul joined the EUCantina staff in 2012, combining his love of Star Wars and his obsession with comic books. He has been a Star Wars fan since the early 80's and is always finding a way to tie Star Wars into every facet of his life. Paul lives in Virginia. He loves movies, plays guitar and is TK-5990, a proud member of the 501st Legion.