Marvel to reprint Dark Horse comics

maulcomicnews On the day that Dark Horse Comics releases their last new issue of Star Wars material, has announced that Marvel Comics will begin reprinting Dark Horse Star Wars comics. The line will be called the Star Wars Legends Epic Collection. The first volume, The Empire Vol. 1, will collect a lot of material from the Dark Times era, including the last few issues of Republic, the various Purge one-shots and miniseries, Darth Vader and the Lost Command, and the first five issues of Dark Times. After the announcement that Marvel was going to be getting the Star Wars license, there was the potential that it would start to be difficult to find collections of the Dark Horse material as it started to sell out, especially since it's now Legends material. It's a comforting sign to me that Disney, Lucasfilm, and Marvel are going to be reprinting these stories. If The Empire Vol. 1 sells well, it wouldn't be surprising to see the majority of the Dark Horse Star Wars comics collected in this way. For those that still want Dark Horse collections to match what you might already have on your shelf, guides to Dark Horse collections can be found here for trades, and here for omnibuses. []

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