Characters from The Force Awakens finally have names!

media-news Almost two weeks after the release of the first The Force Awakens teaser, Entertainment Weekly has the reveal of the names of all the new characters that appeared! Introduced to us via classic trading card images, we now know the ball droid is designated BB-8, Oscar Issac's X-wing pilot is named Poe Dameron, and the crossbar-saber wielding villain is Kylo Ren. Last, but certainly not least, John Boyega will play Finn and Daisy Ridley's character is Rey. No last names given for either of them, so speculate away. While you're speculating, apparently the numbers of the cards have some significance, so I'm sure the internet will be puzzling that out for the next few weeks. In keeping with the announcement that all pre-Disney Expanded Universe material is now Legends, there are no familiar names here. Is everyone looking forward to learning more about our new heroes and villains? [Entertainment Weekly]

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