More Star Wars Legends Epic Collections on the way from Marvel

comic-news-v2 Bleeding Cool has found listings for two more Legends Epic Collections of Star Wars comics coming from Marvel in 2015. This time they're collecting Dark Horse Star Wars, rather than the original Marvel comics. First is The New Republic Volume 1, which is an odd grab bag collection of stories that Dark Horse collected in the Shadows of the Empire omnibus, a Wild Space omnibus (which already was where Dark Horse collected stories that didn't fit anywhere else), the Boba Fett omnibus, and Tales trades. It doesn't seem like this collection will read very smoothly, but it's nice to see Marvel at least making the attempt to keep the Dark Horse comics in print. The second new Legends Epic Collection is The Old Republic Volume 1, collecting Knights of the Old Republic #0-18, which is the same content as the Dark Horse KotOR Volume 1 omnibus. The Dark Horse edition is already VERY hard to find at list price, going anywhere from $80-$200 on the gray market, so if you've been hunting for that and can't find it around MSRP, you might be better off waiting and getting the Marvel edition. [Bleeding Cool]

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