Review: Princess Leia #1

Princess Leia review banner 1 Writer: Mark Waid Pencils: Terry Dodson Inks: Rachel Dodson Colorist: Jordie Bellaire Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna The Death Star has been destroyed.  It is a time of celebration, but it is also a time of mourning for those not only lost in the battle but to those lost on Alderaan.  Princess Leia is beginning to feel the burden of being one of the few remaining survivors.
Princess Leia 1

Princess Leia #1

The first issue of the Princess Leia mini-series does not open with the same flair as the previous Marvel Star Wars titles.  We only get the opening crawler instead of the splash logo opening and "A long time ago..." intro.  Unfortunately it seems Leia is not quite royal enough to garner a regular ongoing series, this is only scheduled to go for 5 issues.  However there are benefits to having a set end point, the creators can focus on the story and not feel the need to include extra fluff and filler. The story opens in the throne room of the Yavin base.  Luke and Han have received their medals and Chewie has voiced his approval (or is it where the heck is my medal?)  The celebrations take a sobering turn as Leia reminds them all of they have lost, but in her own dispassionate way.  She is more than once called the "Ice Princess."  This seems harsh, but remember this is the Leia who upon her rescue and return to Yavin base advised "We don't have time for our sorrows" when someone tried to console her. The first half of the issue is everyone focused on how Leia feels and how she is dealing with the loss of her home.  Everyone in the Rebellion seems to want to protect her while she grieves for all that is lost.  All but one pilot, Evaan.  She is Alderaanian and tries to preserve the royal customs of the lost planet.  With everyone around her wanting to handle her with kid gloves it is refreshing for both us the readers and Leia to have someone who will rebuke and challenge her. This inspires Leia to go on a mission to gather up the lost people of Alderaan.  The second half of the issue is Leia and Evaan heading out on a mission that may or may not have approval from Rebel Command.  Their isn't much in the way of action, although we do get some fancy flying as Wedge and Luke try to block Leia's ship from leaving the system.  This issue is more character based and establishes where the character is at this point in the saga. Mark Waid's writing is good, but I'm not sure if everyone will agree with his characterization of Princess Leia.  The artwork helps to capture the look and feel of the familiar Yavin base and it's inhabitants but is lacking some of the visual flair once the story moves into space.  I feel the artwork will improve when the story moves to a more visually interesting location though.  Princess Leia is a difficult character to nail down and can easily fall into several stereotypical boxes, but I feel she is in good hands with this creative team.  
3.5/5 Kath Hounds

3.5/5 Kath Hounds

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