Star Wars #3

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Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: John Cassaday
Colorist: Laura Martin
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
Cover Artists: Cassaday & Martin

The Rebel’s attack on Cymoon 1 has not gone as planned and is quickly getting worse for our heroes.  Darth Vader has interceded and turned the tide of the battle for the Empire.

Star Wars 3

Star Wars #3

Han and Leia continue to fight it out in their stolen AT-AT but even the heavily armored walker can only take so much.  Meanwhile, Luke is trying to help out with a commandeered speeder bike.  The battle has been going since the end of Issue 1 but now the Empire has the Rebels on the run.

It’s not until we get to the final pages that this issue gives us a chance to breathe.  It’s one continuous fight cutting between Luke on the speeder bike, Han and Leia in the walker and Threepio trying to protect the Falcon from scavengers.  Things continue to go from bad to worse.  The action is tense and exciting.  Watching how Luke uses his lightsaber in the battle is something I’ve always wanted to see more of.  Darth Vader then tops it by single-handedly taking down the AT-AT.  I always wished Luke would’ve used his saber more on Hoth during the battle.

Leia gets a chance to show her strength as she takes control of the situation.  She keeps the group of Rebels and fleeing slaves together while keeping the injured Han safe.  They only survive because of her.

Luke takes it upon himself to make sure that the mission is completed and the facility is destroyed.  Much like the final run on the Death Star it is Luke trying to outrun Vader.  Vader may not yet know who Luke really is but he knows that this is something Obi-wan has been protecting all these years and has figured out that Luke is the one who destroyed the Death Star.

The chase is a good scene but it does bring up some problems I had with the issue.  First the combat speeders don’t seem like something out of Star Wars, they feel more like unused GI Joe designs.  It’s a small detail but it was bothersome enough to pull me out of the story.  Second, the reactor is destroyed and Luke is prepared to sacrifice himself.  It looks a lot like he didn’t make it out in time and was blown up along with everything else.  However a few pages later he is sitting safe and sound on the Falcon during it’s escape.  I understand they want to build the tension and make it seem like he didn’t make it, but they never show us how he got out or how he got on board the Falcon.  A panel or two would go a long way to clarifying the action.

Jason Aaron’s writing finds a good balance between the action and cliffhangers while also giving us good characters moments.  Threepio is used well as the comic relief in an otherwise very tense and violent story.  John Cassaday’s art gives us the action intercut in the “faster, more intense” style we are used to from the films.  A final denouement after the climax has me very excited for where the story is going and how this all affects the saga.

4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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Paul joined the EUCantina staff in 2012, combining his love of Star Wars and his obsession with comic books. He has been a Star Wars fan since the early 80's and is always finding a way to tie Star Wars into every facet of his life. Paul lives in Virginia. He loves movies, plays guitar and is TK-5990, a proud member of the 501st Legion.