Review: Darth Vader #3

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Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Salvador Larroca
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist: Adi Granov

Darth Vader has uncovered a mole inside the Imperial fleet and it’s clear that he can no longer trust anyone but himself.  He has set out to gather his own private forces in his quest to find Luke Skywalker.

Darth Vader 3

Darth Vader 3

For a book that is called Darth Vader, Vader actually plays a very small role in this issue.  The focus is primarily on a new character, Doctor Aphra, a highly skilled droid engineer and slicer.  With a character like Darth Vader, it helps to remind us how others see him.  By taking the focus off of him here.  Seeing Vader through Aphra’s eyes reminds us how terrifying and intimidating Darth Vader can be.

The story opens with Aphra breaking into a quarantined, high security storage facility.  She quickly shows off her skills as a technician and thief.  She seems to be just the kind of person Darth Vader can put to good use.  If Darth Vader is capable of doing anything that could be called good at this point.

Darth Vader is at the coldest we have seen him so far.  He barely speaks and he doesn’t even show up until halfway through the book.  He saves Aphra from a Polis Massan who has captured her in the process of stealing a droid control chip.  With barely a word he cuts down the security droids and rescues her.

Aphra takes Vader back to her ship.  Vader tells her that he was impressed after dealing with her reactivated droids in the previous issue and needs her skills.  Aphra uses the stolen droid control chip to give us the other new characters, Triple Zero, a homicidal protocol droid and BT-1, a heavily armed “blastomech” prototype.  She gives Vader a lead on acquiring more resources at a droid factory on Geonosis.

Aphra is an interesting character.  I immediately liked her, but I am wary of her.  She could easily fall into any number of stereotypes or tropes.  I do have faith that she will be more than just Felicity Smoak for a galaxy far, far away though.  Kieron Gillen’s writing is smart and Aphra has some very funny lines as she tries to figure out how best to address Lord Vader.  This issue flowed better than the previous issue, it seems like the creative team is finding a good rhythm for the book.

4.5/5 Kath Hounds

4.5/5 Kath Hounds

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