Review: Darth Vader #4

Darth Vader review banner 4 Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist: Salvador Larroca Colorist: Edgar Delgado Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna Cover Artist: Adi Granov No one would ever accuse Darth Vader of not having a plan.  He is not currently acting on any orders from the Empire.  He is on his own mission to uncover who is conspiring with the Emperor and to find out more about the young rebel who destroyed the Death Star.
Darth Vader 4

Darth Vader #4

Aphra has lead them to Geonosis.  What once was the sight of several major battles in the Clone Wars is now a burned out wasteland.  Apparently the Empire was more thorough than the Republic with regards to the Geonosians.  They are searching for a Queen who survived and is reactivating a droid factory. One thing Darth Vader does not like to do is revisit his past, and he does not take returning to Geonosis lightly.  The only glimpse into Vader's head we get is a brief flash of the fateful kiss between Padme and Anakin as they were lead to the arena.  The single panel evokes a powerful response for us readers and we immediately know exactly how Vader feels.  It's not clear how much of Vader's actions are motivated by his past times on Geonosis or by the need for his current mission.  I have to imagine it's a mixture of both, his anger fuels him towards meeting his goals. Vader is not a man of many words, so once again the story is told through Aphra.  In only two issues with her, I am really enjoying her character.  She knows exactly what she has gotten herself into and what is at stake, but she still seems compelled to follow him.  If Vader were still a Jedi he might say it was the Force guiding their destinies.  As great as Aphra is though, the scene stealer here is Triple-Zero.  A psychotic and sarcastic droid channeling HK-47 with the elegance of C-3PO.  I don't know what will happen to Triple-Zero after this story, but I know I would immediately read more stories featuring him. Vader and Aphra explore the ruins of Geonosis, encounter a Queen and steal the heart of a droid factory.  The droid factory doesn't look like anything we saw in the Clone Wars or Attack of the Clones, but it does feel very similar to the battle droid dispensers from the Republic Commando video game. It's a straight forward story, but Kieron Gillen's writing is fun and hits all the right notes.  Salvador Larocca's art and direction keeps the book looking as great as it reads.
4.5/5 Kath Hounds

4.5/5 Kath Hounds

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