Review: Star Wars #4

Star Wars 4 review banner Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: John Cassaday Colorist: Laura Martin Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos Cover Artists: Cassaday & Martin The Rebels mission to Cymoon 1 was a success, but the Rebellion is still weak.  Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are both struggling with a direction and what to do next.
Star Wars 4

Star Wars #4

We open on Tatooine, outside Jabba's Palace.  An armed Imperial escort is here for Darth Vader's negotiations with Jabba the Hutt.  Vader and Jabba have very different negotiating approaches.  I found both of them to be amusing.  Vader is blunt and gives nothing, Jabba is accepting but mentions how unfortunate it would be if pirates were to steal their shipments.  Both are used to being in power and are unwilling to give up anything. Han, Luke and Leia have returned to the rebel fleet, but each have a different idea of what comes next.  Leia wants to keep pushing their forces against the Empire, but is meeting with resistance from rebel leaders like Admiral Ackbar and Chancellor Mon Mothma.  Yes, apparently Mon Mothma is now referred to as Chancellor.  I wonder if this is an honorary title or if Mon Mothma holds an actual title.  Han Solo is just trying to put the Falcon back together.  Luke is struggling with his place in the Rebellion and his role as a future Jedi.  Luke realized in his encounter with Vader that he still has much to learn about being a Jedi and what is required for him to stop the Sith. While our rebel heroes try to decide on where to go after the events of Cymoon 1, a new Bounty Hunter has appeared on the scene, but it's never fully clear what their motivations are except they are after Han Solo.  With some ingenious planning and a voice activated gun they find a unique way to get the information they are looking for.  Unfortunately we don't even get a name from them nor are we even sure of the species or gender, only a ruthlessness and a desire to capture Han Solo. The introduction of the new Bounty Hunter add a good new twist to the story.  Having Darth Vader figure as a large part of this story was a problem for me since we already have a Darth Vader solo title chronicling his story during this time.  Adding in the new villains gives us something different since Darth Vader is appearing almost as often as Boba Fett now. This was an uneven book for me.  Jason Aaron's writing is best when dealing with Vader and Jabba while John Cassaday's art and Laura Martin's colors continue to give the book a very cinematic feel.  The Darth Vader and Bounty Hunter portions were enjoyable, but I didn't really like anything to do with the rebels.  Han, Luke and Leia's story just didn't feel like it was going anywhere.  Hoping things will pick up in the next issue.
3/5 Kath Hounds

3/5 Kath Hounds

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