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Star Wars review banner 5 Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: John Cassaday Colorist: Laura Martin Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos Cover Artists: Cassaday & Martin Luke Skywalker has returned home to Tatooine in an effort to learn more about his Jedi path.  Little does he know that the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett is on Tatooine as well, contracted by Darth Vader and hunting for clues to Skywalker's identity.
Star Wars 5

Star Wars #5

Luke thought he would never return to Tatooine, little did he know that he would be coming back to it so quickly.  Even from the opening panels we can feel the twin suns beating down.  Luke doesn't know what he is looking for but seems to think he can find answers here.  I am reminded of the older Legends stories like Darksaber where Luke would go back and visit the locations from the films.  There is just something about this story that feels like a path we've been down before. While Luke hunts for clues to his future, Boba Fett is hunting for clues to Luke's past.  He is tearing a bloody swath through Tatooine until he happens on the famous cantina.  Again there is a "Greatest Hits" feeling, but it's shaken up when Fett finds someone.  Again we see some rather brutal scenes as Fett beats one creature near to death and then tortures a farmboy friend of Luke's.  We don't know for certain who this is, and it doesn't look like Fixer, could possibly be Windy or Deak.  Strangely enough Fett's torturing of this young man happens in front of the whole cantina, he doesn't bother to take him someplace private or let people leave the bar. Back at the Rebel fleet, Han is trying to put the Falcon back together but is being blocked by bureaucracy.  Either Leia doesn't want him to leave or the Rebel fleet really is hurting for spare parts.  I wonder if we are going to have three years of these kind of scenes as the story builds towards The Empire Strikes Back.  Han and Leia's verbal sparring is always enjoyable.  Turns out she has a mission that she needs Han's help with. We don't know what Leia is after but it involves a stolen Imperial shuttle and codes, presumably these are not the same ones used at Endor, or else Imperial security is really lacking.  Han in a strange move basically blows the secret mission for them.  I'm still trying to decide if this was in character for him or not.  It seems like a power struggle between him and Leia, or he just doesn't trust her.  But it seems that his actions here have not only alerted the Empire but also the mysterious bounty hunter who has been tracking Han. The book ends with Luke arriving at Obi-wan's hut and seeing it overrun by Sand People.  Seems they have ransacked the hut since Obi-wan left.  Luke finds something left for him but is interrupted by Boba Fett's arrival. Jason Aaron's writing is good, I can almost hear Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in the Han and Leia scenes, and I really think he has nailed the naivete of Luke who is growing but he's not yet the commander we will see in The Empire Strikes Back.  However the Boba Fett scenes are particularly dark and brutal.  Maybe I'm too much of a Luke Skywalker fan but I would've liked to see more of his journey of discovery and less public torture and murder.  John Cassaday's art continues to be very good, especially with Laura Martin's colors on top.  You can feel the baked and blasted dunes of Tatooine and the action, while brief, still gives the feel of what we are used to from the films.  While I enjoyed this book, I feel it's very uneven in tone, and I can't shake that feeling of "been here, done that" on much of the story.  
3.5/5 Kath Hounds

3.5/5 Kath Hounds

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