Review: Princess Leia #4

Princess Leia Review banner 4 Writer: Mark Waid Pencils: Terry Dodson Inks: Rachel Dodson Colorist: Jordie Bellaire Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna Princess Leia is continuing her mission to gather the refugees and survivors of Alderaan.  They are now aware that they have a spy in their midst, but Leia is not going to let that stop her.
Princess Leia 4

Princess Leia #4

The smuggler Nien Nunb helped Leia and her pilot Evaan get the Alderaanians off of Sullust but also helps in procuring weapons for the Rebellion.  It seems we know how and why he joined the Rebellion, and was giving such a high profile assignment during the battle of Endor.  I do worry about the new canon stories forcing in the characters and events from the films too much.  However, Nien Nunb is a small enough character in the films that it makes this an easter egg like connection to the films rather than feeling forced. Now that they know they have a spy on board it doesn't take them long to find Tace, the young girl who has been innocently sending messages about their movements to her sister.  Tace doesn't even know where her sister is when they are talking.  It was great to see Leia not wanting to punish the young girl but rather sympathizing with her and not blaming her for what she has done.  In these scenes Leia seems very much like Padme.  Leia knows all too well the different ways the Empire can manipulate people. Leia's mission can not stop, but plans are put into motion to continue her work while also dealing with the Imperial spy.  She needs to find out about this sister for herself.  Trying to discover more about Tula quickly leads to the Imperial commander realizing that they have been discovered.  In order to save Tula, Leia offers herself in exchange.  Leia doesn't appear worried about the Empire and is formulating a plan to rescue herself. The mission had originally called for Leia to go to Espirion, a planet of refugees from all across the galaxy where many Alderaanians have lived for years.  Since she can no longer attend she sends Jora, the former leader of the Sullust colony that was liberated, and Uwa.  While Uwa plays nice, Jora seems intent on causing problems.  It's a mildly interesting b-story, but it mostly feels like filler and a distraction from the main story.  At least until the final pages when a fleet of ships from all across the galaxy exit hyperspace in orbit.  Clearly something more is at work here. Once again Princess Leia delivers a solid story, relying less on the action and focuses more on the heart and emotion.  Mark Waid's writing channels the best parts of Leia and makes you feel a connection between her and Padme.  The Dodson's art continues to be impress, but it's Jordie Bellaire's colors that make the book feel so bright, perfectly matching with the tone.  The biggest complaint against not only this book but the series as a whole is that we don't know exactly where in the timeline this falls, especially with how tightly the main Star Wars and Darth Vader book are tying together.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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