Review: Princess Leia #5

  Princess Leia Review banner 5 Writer: Mark Waid Pencils: Terry Dodson Inks: Rachel Dodson Colorist: Jordie Bellaire Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna Princess Leia has turned herself in to the Imperials in exchange for the release of the spy Tula.  They have met on the planet Skaradosh to make the exchange.  However, Leia is not one to go quietly into Imperial custody again.
Princess Leia 5

Princess Leia #5

It's immediately clear that Leia has no intentions of allowing herself to be taken into custody.  Her partner in this adventure, Evaan, has put together a rescue plan with the help of Artoo and smuggler Nien Nunb.  I was very happy to see that the planet they had agreed to meet on was Skaradosh.  The previews and cover showed a desert environment and I don't think I could handle it being Tatooine.  I like to see the galaxy expanded. This is not a good issue for Imperial supporters.  Not only are the Stormtroopers taken out during Princess Leia's rescue but the issue ends with the destruction of a Star Destroyer at the hands of a supposed weaponless people.  The Star Destroyer even falls for the same trick that the crew of the Ghost used to escape Lothal on Rebels. While it's not good for the Empire, it's a great issue for Leia. This could be Leia's strongest appearance outside of the films in the new canon, maybe even in the Legends timeline.  This entire series has been about her bringing together these disparate elements and uniting them again.  Mark Waid has shown us the strong leader who would inspire and lead a rebellion. I know that the Dodson's art in this book has not been everyone's favorite.  Art in a book like this can be very difficult, as I've said before we know all of these characters so well, especially at this point in their lives.  To see a Princess Leia that doesn't look immediately like Carrie Fisher can throw us off.  It may just be that I have gotten used to and accepted the art style here, but I enjoy the unique look and feel.  Jordie Bellaire's colors really make this book as bright and optimistic as Princess Leia's mission. One thing still bothers me about the series, we never know exactly where in the timeline this story takes place.  Obviously it's after A New Hope, but with the Star Wars title running concurrently and Leia playing a role in that story as well, it becomes harder to place this story in the new canon.  This becomes an even bigger annoyance when it is stated that everything is canon and all of these stories matter in the larger saga. There is a lot to enjoy in this book and this series.  I'm still bummed that it's only a 5 issue mini-series, but hopefully we will get more from Princess Leia and this creative team in the future.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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