Review: Lando #1

Lando Review banner 1 Writer: Charles Soule Artist: Alex Maleev Colors: Paul Mounts Cover: Alex Maleev & Edgar Delgado Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna This week the latest entry from Marvel comics arrived starring the smoothest man in the galaxy, Lando Calrissian.  This is the story of Lando before he joined the Rebellion and destroyed the 2nd Death Star.
Lando 1

Lando #1

Much like the Princess Leia book we aren't told exactly when this takes place, although it's less of a distraction this time around.  The story editors clarified that it is after the Battle of Yavin, just like the other current titles.  The Rebellion is mentioned but Lando's run in with the crew of the Ghost is not mentioned. The book opens with Lando being exactly how we expect him to be.  This is the smooth talking, gambler and scoundrel that Han mentions in Empire Strikes Back.  In fact he seems to have made his way not only into a very rich and powerful woman's bedroom, but she is also the feared Imperial Governor of the planet Castell, Ssaria.  She is known for her brutal reputation and has earned the nickname, the Burning Moff.  So what is Lando doing with such a dangerous woman?  He seduced her so he could steal an item from her private bedroom, and then he confesses to her about his plans.  Nothing in the book goes past a PG rating, but the opening scenes in Ssaria's bedroom imply more sexually than we are used to seeing in Star Wars. Lando manages to talk his way out of a blaster shot to the head and leave with the item.  Turns out that much like when we first meet Han, Lando is in deep with some dangerous people, namely a boss named Papa Toren.  But, he is told of an easy job he can pull to get himself out of debt and maybe even come out ahead.  All he needs to do is steal a ship that belongs to a rich Imperial.  Toren just wants the ship, Lando can keep anything else.  We don't find out until the last panel of the book who the ship belongs to, and it's the last person in the entire galaxy that you want to steal from. I'm glad the story didn't spend too much time going through the planning of the heist.  Often times in a book like this they can get too caught up in the minutiae of the planning.  The heist itself goes off fairly simply and successfully.  I was worried that something like this would spend half an issue explaining a complicated Ocean's 11 style heist. Lando is a character that can easily drift into over the top cartoonishness if not handled properly.  Charles Soule handles him well here and has captured his voice well.  We get the smooth talker who is always in just a bit over his head.  Reading the book I could hear Billy Dee Williams delivering all of these lines.  Alex Maleev's art and Paul Mounts colors really take us into the seedy underworld.  Each scene has it's own unique look and lighting. It's not very often that Lando gets the spotlight all to himself, his starring roles in the Legends era were few and far between.  It's nice to see him getting his own book here, even if it is only a mini-series.

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