Review: Kanan – The Last Padawan #4

Kanan 4 Review banner Writer: Greg Weisman Artist: Pepe Larraz Colors: David Curiel Cover: Mark Brooks Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna Caleb Dume has taken his first steps in shedding his Jedi padawan identity with the help of a smuggler named Kasmir.  Caleb is getting closer to the Kanan Jarrus that we know.  Things seem to be going good for the former padawan, as long as his partner doesn't sell him out.
Kanan 4

Kanan - The Last Padawan #4

The last issue left off with Caleb and Kasmir in trouble and it seemed like Kasmir was going to sell out Caleb to save his own skin.  Well that's sort of what happened.  Kasmir did sell out Caleb and the Clonetroopers were alerted, but Kasmir had a change of heart and came to the rescue.  Caleb is learning many lessons that will carry forward into his new life. Turns out Caleb and Kasmir make quite a team as smugglers and scoundrels.  After escaping capture we get a montage of the two of them criss-crossing the galaxy and Caleb takes to his new life quite well.  He knows this is not the life of a Jedi or a padawan, but he is doing his best to put that life behind him and not think about what his former master would say.  Pepe Larraz gives us a single splash page showcasing highlights of the different adventures but with Depa Billaba in the center, just as she is always in his mind. It's not just all good times for the pair, as they are constantly being hounded by Caleb's former clone troops, Commander Grey and Captain Styles.  We don't have many stories about the time following Order 66 in either the new canon or the Legends canon, especially following a particular Jedi on the run.  It's hard to tell if this is normal for the clones or if these two have taken things to another level and made it personal.  They are relentless however, always right behind the smugglers, chasing down any lead that comes their way. The second half of the book picks up as the pair land on Lahn to make a trade for some stolen goods.  Things quickly go bad when first Caleb discovers that the man they are supposed to make the deal with is the former Separatist general that he was fighting against before the Clone Wars ended.  While Caleb figures out how to deal with this, Grey and Styles finally catch up to Kasmir.  Caleb knows the only way out is to run.  As we've seen this will become a constant in Caleb/Kanan's life.  Any time things don't go as planned, he runs away.  The final pages return to the tense pacing when Caleb was first on the fun from the clones. Greg Weisman continues to write a fantastic story.  It is equal parts funny, tense and emotional.  Larraz's art and David Curiel's colors match the tone perfectly, as the art bounces from fun and light hearted to introspective to suspenseful.  It looks like the next issue will close out this story arc.  I'm glad that this title is an ongoing because I know that 5 issues would not be enough.
4.5/5 Kath Hounds

4.5/5 Kath Hounds

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