Review: Lando #3

Lando Review banner 3 Writer: Charles Soule Artist: Alex Maleev Colors: Paul Mounts Cover: Alex Maleev Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna Lando has managed to steal a prominent ship from an Imperial shipyard, and outmaneuver two Imperial Star Destroyers.  But now Lando and his crew have to deal with Imperial Royal Guards protecting something of extreme value in the cargo hold.
Lando 3

Lando #3

Here is a sentence I never thought would say: I really felt for Lobot here.  At the end of the previous issue, he was stabbed in the chest by one of the Royal Guards.  We pick up immediately afterward in issue #3.  Lobot is facing a fate worse than death.  If his body is too badly hurt and he can't focus his thoughts, his implants begin to take over, making him more machine than man.  Not only is the thought of having implants added terrifying enough, but to have them constantly trying to take over your mind is an even worse thought. Lando is no fighter, so he lets the twins, Aleksin and Pavol, take over the fight with the guards.  We may never get a true crossover between the Marvel universe and the Galaxy Far Far Away, but we get pretty close here.  Until now, I didn't realize how much the twins look like Black Panther, a hero from the Marvel universe.  It was amusing to think of T'challa fighting against the Empire.  In a galaxy as advanced as the GFFA, the twins still choose to fight with long knives and hand to hand tactics.  Even when they seem to be losing the fight they still smile and appear to be having the time of their life.  Lando doesn't know much about where they come from, so we the reader don't know much about them either. In another part of the galaxy, the bounty hunter, Chanath Cha, has been given a very familiar ship to track down the Imperialis.  I had always wondered what happened to the Scimitar after the events of The Phantom Menace.  I'm glad to see that unique ship was not forgotten. We barely know this bounty hunter and I'm already liking him.  His attitude is so different than the bounty hunters we've encountered before.  His look echoes many that we have seen before, but Charles Soule's writing has given him his own unique spin.  Even when warned that he may hyperspace directly into a star he continues without a second thought.  He will clearly be a force to be reckoned with as the story progresses. With the Royal Guards defeated, the crew finally discovers what was hidden inside the ship.  It also answers some lingering questions about what the general public of the galaxy knows about the Emperor.  No one seems to make any connection between ancient Sith artifacts and Palpatine.  It seems that he is still hiding the Sith part of him from the people of the Empire. Soule's writing continues to be a lot of fun.  He has really captured the essence of what we come to expect from a story centered around Lando.  Alex Maleev's art with Paul Mounts' colors continues to impress.  Even though the setting is mostly the interior of one ship, they make each scene visually distinct.  We are never left to question where everyone is at or unable to follow the action beats.  This creative team has far surpassed any expectations I might have had for a Lando book.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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