Review: Lando #4

Lando Review banner 4 Writer: Charles Soule Artist: Alex Maleev Colors: Paul Mounts Cover: Alex Maleev Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna What started out as a simple ship theft has turned into so much more for Lando and his band of thieves.  A fortune in Sith artifacts sits in the cargo hold, but they are no longer alone as the bounty hunter Chanath Cha has tracked them.
Lando 4

Lando #4

If I could sum up this issue in one word, it would be "unexpected."  The story so far has been pretty straightforward, gather the motley crew, steal the ship and the treasure.  That plan was thrown into chaos by hidden Imperial Guards and now the warrior Aleksin has been corrupted by the Sith artifacts and turned on his lover, Pavol.  Instead of wanting a clone child of their own, they are after the power of the Dark Side. Lando and the antiquities specialist Sava Korin Pers manage to seal the twins in the vault.  Korin has had enough and no longer wants any part of this.  No fortune is worth getting on the wrong side of the Sith and the Emperor personally.  Unfortunately, they are met by the bounty hunter Chanath Cha who has snuck aboard the ship.  To make matters worse, Cha knows Lando personally.  Knowing Lando's reputation that is most likely not a good thing. As I said, this book is full of unexpected surprises. Alex Maleev's art and Paul Mounts' colors continue to impress.  They have made several issues of people talking in the same 2 rooms look visually interesting without feeling repetitive or recycled.  The lighting and shadows are especially good.  Once Aleksin ignites the lightsaber, his alien-animal features give off a very Sithly Darth Maul-esque look, showing us in a single image the changes he is undergoing internally. Charles Soule's script keeps giving us twists and turns.  I just hope he can deliver a satisfying conclusion to all the various story threads that have been laid out so far.  I'll be sad to see this story wrap up.  Lando has been such a fun character to read and Soule has captured his voice so well.
4.5/5 Kath Hounds

4.5/5 Kath Hounds

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