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Kanan 6 review bannerWriter: Greg Weisman Artist: Jacopo Camagni Colors: David Curiel Cover: Pepe Larraz & David Curiel Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna Kanan Jarrus has returned to the planet Kaller for the first time in 14 years.  The crew of the Ghost has set down on the planet to pick up some supplies for the oppressed people of Lothal.
Kanan 6

Kanan #6

We have seen how the former padawan's life changed so abruptly all those years ago, and how it shaped the man that he has become.  Now he is having to come back here and literally face the ghosts of his past.  I do find it odd that Kanan makes no mention of his past to the rest of the crew.  We, the audience, are still getting pieces of Kanan's backstory and it's unclear how much, if any, of his story he has told to the crew besides the most obvious. The first thing you notice in this book is how Camagni's art shows the ghosts of Kanan's past.  As he travels through the wilderness and eventually into the capital city on Kaller, we see blue glowy versions of Kanan's past.  What I found most interesting about this technique is that these memories are never the main focus of the panel, they are always on the edges as Kanan tries to deal with them.  It's something so simple, but it immediately gets the point across to us for what he is feeling. The story follows Kanan, obviously, as he and the crew try to recover the supplies left for them.  The crew has to track down who has their stolen supplies while also avoiding the local Imperial presence, and Kanan has to avoid anyone recognizing him.  He goes to great effort to avoid telling anyone about what happened or that he has any real history with the planet.  It seems like it would be easier if he let everyone else know what had happened, or that he at least had a history on Kaller. Greg Weisman continues to write a solid story, and Kanan's avoidance of the truth never goes too far out of character for him.  Jacopo Camagni takes over for art duties.  It's not a hugely noticeable change, as Camagni's style is very similar to the previous artist, Pepe Larraz.  It can be a little strange to see characters who are drawn so stylized on the show be reinterpreted here in a much more comic styling, but they are all still recognizable as themselves. We still don't have an exact time frame for when this book takes place, it must be sometime during the first half of Season 1 of the show, Fulcrum is mentioned and Ezra is not carrying his lightsaber.  The lack of exact details on the timeline doesn't hurt the story, but a little bit more detail would've helped to better relate where each character was in their own personal journey.
4.5/5 Kath Hounds

4.5/5 Kath Hounds

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