Review: Lando #5

Lando 5 Review banner Writer: Charles Soule Artist: Alex Maleev Colors: Paul Mounts Cover: Alex Maleev Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna It's safe to say that Lando's easy job to steal a ship and sell it's contents has not gone as planned.  Pretty much anything that could have gone wrong has, and things only seem to be getting worse for Lando and his remaining associates.
Lando 5

Lando #5

Lando's true skills come from being a gambler, pressing his luck and bluffing his way out of a tight situation.  He uses these skills to the best of his advantage here as things could not get much worse for him.  The twin assassins have been corrupted by the Sith artifacts, the bounty hunter who has been hired to retrieve the ship has a personal history with Lando and is blow up the ship and his best friend is hanging on to life by a thread.  Throughout it all he has kept his head and remained calm, doing his best to think his way out of the situation and not panic. Lando, Lobot, and Chanath Cha work together to save their skins and find a way off the ship.  While the twins Aleksin and Pavol, have been corrupted by the dark side they are not any more powerful than they were.  This gives our heroes a slim chance to not feel the point of a lightsaber. I can't talk about this book without talking about the great writing of Charles Soule.  Not only did he perfectly capture Lando's essence in every issue, but he did the unthinkable, he took a background character like Lobot and made him the emotional crux of the story.  The final act of this issue and the mini-series as a whole all hinges on Lobot and it ultimately costs him his humanity.  I never thought I would feel so strongly towards a character like Lobot. This series has only gotten better with each passing issue.  The creators really outdid themselves here.  This could've been a joke of a series, or one easily thrown together and forgotten about, but they gave us a truly emotional story, making us feel for each of the characters.  The majority of the 5 issues all took place aboard this one starship, but Alex Maleev's art never feels repetitive and Paul Mounts colors give each area of the ship it's own lighting and color palette.  I can only hope that this creative team returns to give us more Star Wars tales in the future.
5/5 Kath Hounds

5/5 Kath Hounds

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