Review: Darth Vader #10

Darth Vader 10 review banner Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist: Salvador Larroca Colorist: Edgar Delgado Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna Cover Artists: Salvador Larroca & Edgar Delgado Darth Vader continues his hunt for Luke Skywalker while also pretending to be on the hunt for those who attacked and robbed an Imperial convoy.  It's a dangerous game, even for a Sith Lord, but when a Sith Lord is involved are there any other options?
Darth Vader 10

Darth Vader #10

The book opens with Darth Vader interrogating an Ortolan named The Dragon.  He doesn't quite live up to his namesake though, and is easily dispatched.  Darth Vader actually plays a very small role in this book.  The majority of the book is focused on Aphra as she executes the other half of Vader's plans.  They are on the hunt for more information about what happened to Padme after she died.  They have tracked back to the man who prepared Padme's body for her funeral, Commodex Tahn. Aphra and the droids, Beetee and Triple Zero, attack Tahn's house in an effort to confirm information about the state of Padme's body and her pregnancy.  What they find out is not the interesting part, it's rather what he doesn't say that is far more interesting.  While Tahn confirms what they already knew about Luke, he makes no mention of Leia.  It's unclear if this was part of the original conspiracy or if he was just acting on instinct. The plot here is fairly straightforward, what really makes this issue shine is Kieron Gillen's writing.  He continues to give us great dialogue, and some terrific character development on Aphra.  Her story is a tragic one and begins to explain much of who she is and what she is doing with Vader. One moment does stand out as odd however, Tahn protects himself briefly with a clone wars era rifle gifted to him by Padme for services to Naboo.  Seems very weird that someone like Padme would use a rifle as a trophy.  It's easily explained away, but it just felt like an odd choice. Salvador Larroca's art continues to be solid.  There are no big battle scenes or epic splash pages, instead we get a lot of quiet emotional and character driven moments. Darth Vader's plan is starting to take shape and all of the different pieces that have been laid out are starting to make sense.  The creative team continues to deliver a solid book month after month.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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