EUCast Episode 45 – I Believe I Can Fly

General Shownotes: -Andrew has to do a deal to sing on air. -Battlefront III is going to be the same old thing. -Should we get a TFU sequel, and how would that be done? -Main Discussion - The Dark -Is the Dark the same as the Force? -Did Luke really believe it? -Does it work? -What is this Dark anyway? -Debate: Should the Jedi be involved in politics? -Austin's rant returns. -And much more! Contact Information: Email: Send a good quality MP3/WAV file to Follow us on Twitter and/or become our friend on Myspace! Please feel free to vote for us once a month on Podcast Alley! Discuss this episode in the EUChatter section on our forums. Get The Show: You can listen to EUCast by using the RSS feed, downloading the mp3, listening in Itunes/on your I-pod Or by listening in the player below:

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Austin Blankenship is the webmaster of EUCantina. He is a host of our official podcast, EUCast, and also founded our sister website, Austin helped turn EUCantina from a forum into a website in 2007, and continues to operate the site and the EUC social media accounts. Austin works as a librarian in a small town above Atlanta, Georgia.