Review: Kanan #7

Kanan 7 review banner Writer: Greg Weisman Artist: Pepe Larraz Colors: David Curiel Cover: Mark Brooks Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna Kanan is on the planet Kaller and is searching for his former partner, Janus Kasmir.  However, Kanan was ambushed and stabbed in the back.  Now he is reliving his past while recuperating from his injuries.
Kanan 7

Kanan #7

We find Kanan floating in a bacta tank, thankfully he was found in time.  While he sleeps and heals we get to revisit his time at the Jedi temple.  Young Caleb Dume is about to take his Initiate Trials and see if he can become a padawan to a master.  As we've seen, Caleb is not your average padawan.  He's not exactly at the top of his class, but he has a unique view of the universe. A minor injury in a training session changes Caleb's future when he sees a Jedi master healing in a bacta tank.  Master Depa Billaba was injured in an attack by General Grievous and lost nearly all of her troops, rumours abound in the temple about her and her mental state.  It's not quite the events of Shatterpoint, but it's nice to see them including the fact that Master Billaba was damaged during the war.  Her rehab mirrors Caleb's training and trials.  It's also great to see the Jedi code included. Greg Weisman continues to write a great story.  This issue doesn't have as much action as we've seen in the previous issues, but he keeps the same fast pace story telling method, giving us great character moments.  Pepe Larraz's art matches the frenetic pace of Weisman's script. This issue mirrors the first issue with the Jedi training and focus on character.  We don't know much more about the story for the Rebels on Kaller, but that story is mostly irrelevant compared to the story of young Caleb.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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