Review: Chewbacca #4

Chewbacca review banner 4 Writer: Gerry Duggan Artist/Cover Artist: Phil Noto Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna Chewbacca and his young friend Zarro are trying to stop the gangster Jaum.  Unfortunately for them, they are unaware that Jaum has called for Imperial assistance, and our two heroes' weak plan is seeming quite a bit weaker now that the Empire is involved.
Chewbacca 4

Chewbacca #4

Chewbacca and Zarro's plan is brilliant in it's idiocy.  There is no way that their plan should work.  The plan was for them to don a cheap disguise and roll a service droid loaded with explosives onto Jaum's ship.  Even without accounting for the Empire's involvement their odds were long.  Unfortunately for them, the Empire has already landed troops in the spaceport and beefed up security. Gerry Duggan's script has a lot of fun with the ridiculous here.  From just the complete outlandishness of their plan to the "war droid" disguise that Chewie is wearing.  Phil Noto's art continues to be great here as always.  I'm glad that they decided to mix up the troopers a bit and give us some Biker Scouts.  I love the classic Stormtrooper, but it is nice to see some of the other troopers as well. Things seem to be going well for them, they did manage to take out some of the bad guys, and Jaum got the explosive loaded droid onto his ship and is on his way to the Star Destroyer.  However, the two of them end up captured and are about to find themselves en route to that very same Star Destroyer. I enjoyed this issue a lot more than the previous, the story feels like it's moving and building towards next month's finale.  We don't learn any more about Jaum himself, but I imagine all that will be revealed in the next issue.  This issue is a lot of fun with some great writing and action to keep it all moving.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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