Review: Kanan #9

Kanan 9 review banner Writer: Greg Weisman Artist: Pepe Larraz Colors: David Curiel Cover: Mark Brooks Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna Kanan is still unconscious in a bacta tank on Kaller, but his mind is taking him back to his early days as padawan, Caleb Dume.  He is now under Master Billaba and they have been given their first assignment on the planet Kardoa.
Kanan 9

Kanan #9

In the present day, the crew of the Ghost is trying to evade Imperial detection, but the Empire is closing in fast.  We get only a single page for the present day story the rest of the issue continues the flashback.  The story during the Clone Wars is the story that we want to know since we already know what's happening in the current time with the Ghost and her crew.  The transitions between the two timeframes work well and help to link the two stories. The two Jedi have been assigned to a clone battalion that is lead by Master Billaba's former clone commander and the few who survived her previous mission.  As we know from the previous issues, these are the same clones who will later turn on them after Order 66.  That we know what happens later adds an interesting tension to the story.  Commander Grey mentions that the clones are so green that they don't even have names yet and immediately we know how fresh all of these troopers are. We meet the Separatist leader Colonel Sear who has a personal vendetta against all the Jedi and a history with Master Billaba.  We don't yet know what they are up to on the planet, nor do we learn much about why Sear hates the Jedi so much.  At one point he is dressed similarly to the Kage Warriors from the Clone Wars episode "Bounty" but he doesn't physically resemble those warriors with their darker skin and glowing eyes. The issue builds to a large battle with the droids where both Caleb and a clone earn their stripes in battle, and Caleb finds himself in a bacta tank at both ends of the issue. Greg Weisman continues to write a fantastic book that is equal parts action, humour and heart.  We see the more innocent Caleb here before he becomes the jaded Kanan.  However, while the issue is a great read I might have enjoyed it more if I knew a bit more about the villains and their motivations.  Still this is a fantastic book.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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