Amazon Lists Luke Skywalker Bio (UPDATED)

Amazon has recently put up a listing for a new Scholastic novel, a Luke Skywalker bio that, if real, would probably be similar to the Obi-wan Kenobi and Darth Vader biographies we've had in the past.  The book apprently is a $15.99 hardcover, with 224 pages, and has the release date of September 1st, though some of this will most likely change before that date.  EUCantina will keep you all updated on information concerning this as it develops! UPDATE: We contacted the apparent author, Ryder Windham (writer of two previous biographies) and he told us, "Yes, I have written a bio-novel for Luke Skywalker." There is no word on if the page number or release date is correct, however. We will try and find out more as it becomes available.


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