Possible Dates for TCW DVDs and Video Game

Following up a report about a possible "Clone Wars" game this year, we have an exciting image. The image, as seen below, was taken at Toy Fair by Rebel Scum reporters. The image shows us two very interesting dates: First, the first season box set for "The Clone Wars" is set for release on November 17, which is a Tuesday. The second is an apparent release of a Clone Wars game on the Wii, PS3, 360, DS, as well as the PSP. The chart gives the game a date of September 15, also a Tuesday. Now, while these seem very official, we will have to wait for an announcement from Lucasfilm and Lucasarts to know the full truth. We will try our best to get a confirmation, or denial, to the dates as well. Source: Imperial Holonet Radio

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