The Fate of The Force Unleashed

If you're a video game fan, this isn't going to be easy to hear: The Force Unleashed has been pushed back until "Summer 08'" according to Now, has it listed for an August 26th, 2008 release date. At this time we're unsure if that's the truth, but it doesn't seem that far off. We'll try and get you more information on that as soon as we can. We do, however, have some good news. The "Making Of The Force Unleashed" and even the Prima Guide both have their original March/April release dates. The novel and audio book have been pushed back to June 24th, 2008, and the graphic novel is listed for June 4th, 2008 at Dark You can check our EU Release Schedule for those and more. We do realize that we're a bit late with reporting this, but we decided to wait until all the little seeds like something on or a comment by someone would divulge more information upon us. We currently are working on getting that date for TFU game itself, but all other dates are official.

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