SW.com Gets Readers Ready For Fate of the Jedi


The Fate of the Jedi series is nearly upon us and, as promised, the stuff to get readers into the series has begun. Head over to Star Wars.com to find an article containing a 23 page guide (The actual guide is in PDF form) to get readers started with the series. Complete with an 11-page excerpt directly from the book, as well as character profiles, a short background history, and more, it's worth the time to check out. It also reminds readers of the seven-city book tour Aaron Allston, author the the first FOTJ novel Outcast, will be going on, starting with Kentucky on Tuesday, March 24. EUCantina.net will have a reporter at the March 28 signing, so we'll have a report for readers following that. Fate of the Jedi: Outcast, the first in the nine all-hardcover novel series, will hit selves March 24. Be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to FOTJ by clicking the link in the slideshow above. Source: Star Wars.com (via)

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