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EUCast has some exciting news for its listeners! On Friday, January 25th we will be recording with fellow podcaster,Brandon Philips. Brandon, as you may know he is the creator of an Star Wars fan site Rebel Trading Why does this matter to you? Well, on that very show we will be giving away a copy of Star Wars: Allegiance by Tim Zahn. How do you win? The only requirement is that you head over to Rebel Trading, sign up on the site and then send an e-mail to with your screen name on the site. We will pick a winner that night and announce it on the show. It's totally free, and well worth it! It will be the last "Season I" episode, and we'll be changing the show a little bit in February (it's good change.) Last week we also announced, on EUCast # 10, that Drew Karpyshyn, author of the recently released Darth Bane: Rule Of Two, will be joining us on EUCast, much like Chris Trevas did. The date and time are as follows: Saturday, February 2nd, 2008 at 5:00 PM EST. Much like our last live show, we'll be using Talkshoe. You can once again join us live by going to our page, but this time you don't need to download anything! Talkshoe now allows direct chat and call in (via phone only). You can still use TalkShoe classic, and we will be, but it will be easier to call in with the new one. (Both are free.) You can always sen questions to, our new e-mail address. Speaking of Star Wars Fanworks, head over there now and see the brand new face of Fan Audio. SWFW now has a Facebook and Myspace Group, a Audio Feed for every show on the site, and much, much more. Support EUCast and the Fan Audio genre and pay our friends a little visit; who knows, maybe we can make 08' the year for Fan Audio. They have many good works over there, and really are the home of fan audio

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Andrew Lupi is the founder of EUCantina. He started out with a simple forum, but converted his EU hub into a full website in 2007. He was one of the original hosts of our official podcast, EUCast, and was also a host of The EU Review. Andrew continues to provide advice and leadership for EUCantina.