TFU Featured in OXM

The February issue of The Official Xbox Magazine featured some information on the ever elusive The Force Unleashed. Bellow are some facts (some already known) from it:
  • The game will have multiplayer (Unknown at this point what kind.)
  • Lucasarts wants a "T" for Teen rating, so we may not see the gore that some video game cheats have allowed in the past, at least at first.
  •  You will play the game from a third-person (over-the-shoulder) perspective, and have a different costume each level.
  •  On Raxus Prime, you can hurl turbines as rockets and create huge nets of Force Lighting by hitting superconductors
  • You’ll get a lot more Force Powers than just the standard Force Push, Force Pull, Force Grip, and Force Lightening – new powers include Lighting Bomb (a huge explosion of Force Lightning), Repulse (an omni-directional Force Push), and more.
  • Redemption is a central theme and a certain Jedi may be behind it.....
We'd like to thank TF.N for the information. (and their source.)

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