Kemp Talks Writing in Star Wars

Paul S. Kemp, author of the upcoming Jaden Korr-centric novel Crosscurrent, has posted his thoughts on his future addition to the Star Wars universe.  In his latest blog entry, Kemp talks about the process of writing Crosscurrent, hist first ever Star Wars novel, and his inspirations for the book.

He's an excerpt:

At the outset, I felt a fair amount of pressure. A variety of factors contributed to this. Star Wars novels are read by hundreds of thousands of readers passionate about the setting and I wanted to be damned sure I wrote something that would interest and satisfy them (and me, too, being, as I am, a big Star Wars fan). There's also an enormous amount (an intimidating amount, even) of information available about the Expanded Universe and I wanted to draw heavily on it -- not by just getting the names of the various blasters/ships/droids "right," but by developing and delivering a story that is deeply nested in the lore of the setting. I think I did that here, with a lot of help from my editor and the "lore advisors" at Lucasfilm, all while still writing a story consistent in tone and style with my past work.

It's a good read, so definitely check it out!  Also posted on Kemp's blog a few days ago was that the first draft of Crosscurrent has been sent to Del Rey editors, which is an exciting bit of news! Crosscurrent is due out as a paperback January 26, 2010.

Source: Paul Kemp's Blog

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