CrispyGamer Talks With Blackman & Kahn

EUC readers are probably familiar with the names Haden Blackman and Adam Kahn, but in case there are a few who aren't: Haden Blackman was the project lead (360) and writer for last year's Lucasarts hit The Force Unleashed; Adam Kahn, who has taken the time a few times to be bothered by our questions, is the Senior Public Relations over at Lucasarts. Victor Lucas & Evan Narcisse  from recently sat down with both men to discuss The Force Unleashed. Here's an excerpt:
Lucas: How well did The Force Unleashed sell? Kahn: I haven't actually seen a recent sales figure. But Battlefront II and LEGO Star Wars II have sold 8 million copies or so. And The Force Unleashed has sold faster than both of them out of the gate. And it's still selling.
The interview is in two parts: Part 1 & Part 2; enjoy! Source: The

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