Q & A with Darth Bane author – Drew Karpyshyn

With the next two EU Cantina Book Club selections being the two Darth Bane novels, I emailed some lingering questions I had about the novel to the author of the Darth Bane novels, Drew Karpyshyn. These are his responses: EUC - How are the events in the Darth Bane novels related to the video games Knights of the Old Republic? Or are they? How do they relate to each other in the SW timeline? I'm assuming they do, as you wrote both. Drew - There isn't a direct connection between the KOTOR games and the Darth Bane novels. Although both are set in the Old Republic era, Revan predated Bane by almost 3,000 years. There are a few nods in the book that fans of the game will recognize, however. EUC - Is the character Hoth from Path of Destruction the namesake for the planet we see in Ep. V? Drew - I don't think there is a connection between Hoth the General and Hoth the planet. Both names came from previously established canon that I referenced. Hoth the person first appeared in the Jedi vs Sith comics published by Dark Horse, but I couldn't say if he was named for the world or not. EUC - After Darth Bane 3 are you going to continue to dabble in the SW universe or move on to other projects? Drew - I don't know what's in store for me after the third Bane novel. I enjoy writing in the Star Wars universe, so if the opportunity presents itself I might keep doing it. I'll just have to wait and see. EUC - How much are you involved in The Old Republic? Are you writing anything for it and if so, how would that fit into the MMO gameplay? Drew - I've recently moved down to Austin to join the TOR MMO team, but I'm just one of a dozen or so writers on the project (it's HUGE!!!). But the entire team is incredibly talented, so fans won't be disappointed. EU Cantina would like to thank Drew Karpyshyn for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about the Darth Bane novels.  We are looking forward to Darth Bane 3 - Dynasty of Evil coming in December of 2009! Be sure to check out Drew's website for a list of his other books and all the latest news of all his projects at www.drewkarpyshyn.com.

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