Sneak Peek at The Clone Wars Season 2

While at Disney World this past weekend, our Bothan Spies attended a Clone Wars presentation with Dave Filoni and Ashley Eckstein about The Clone Wars television series.  During the presentation, they showed an exclusive Season 2 sneak peek that hasn't been released and has only been shown at Disney World's Star Wars Weekends. They made sure all recording devices were off before they showed the clip. (Readers may recall the trailer without any sound, which was quickly taken down.) In the preview, it is reported that they introduced a couple of ideas that haven't been released in previous trailers yet. 1- Jedi Holocrons - The clip showed Darth Sidious talking with Cade Bane via hologram about stealing a Jedi holocron. Then they showed some of the action scenes from the Season 2 preview they've already shown on Cartoon Network, with Cade Bane and Anakin chasing and fighting each other. 2- Obi-Wan has a love interest! Some scenes implied that Obi Wan and a new character, a Queen from somewhere, have a history and have an interest in each other.  In one intense action scene, Anakin says to Obi Wan, "Go save your girlfriend", to which Obi Wan says "OK", then realizes what he said, and then gets all flustered as he tries to downplay the fact that he admitted that  he thought of this Queen as his girlfriend. However, this wouldn't be the first time Obi-Wan himself hasn't followed the code to the letter on romance (Siri, anyone) There were some new characters shown, Obi Wan's love interest, a shapechanger - ala Zam Wessel, and they showed a hologram of a what appeared to be a Mandalorian (but it could've just been a clone trooper with new armor). Those are the major things that were able to be discerned from this new trailer, as it reportedly all went by pretty fast. As we get closer to Season 2 of The Clone Wars, we'll keep you up-to-date on all the rumors and speculation!

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