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Last Updated: 1/17/10 11:38 PM PST The Clone Wars is an animated television series that follows the events of the Clone Wars. It is headed by supervising director Dave Filoni and executive producers George Lucas and Catherine Winder. It debuted on October 3, 2008 with 22 episodes slated for the first season, and 100 episodes total planned so far. Season one will end on March 20, 2009. The Clone Wars will be set in between Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and will span the entire length of the Clone Wars. The series was debuted with a theatrical release which focused heavily on Anakin and Obi Wan while the series undergoes a much broader scope. The series covers a wide range of stories and sometimes focusing on particular Jedi or groups of clone troopers. Producer Catherine Winder stated that a lot of the stories are going to dive into the characters, revealing who they are, their motivations, their fears, etc. The shows will force viewers to think, to try and get behind the characters and what is going on. Another note about the series is its nonlinear approach. Some stories are stand alone, while others have sequels, prequels, or trilogies. The way they’re handling the series, people can jump in at any point and still be able to follow what’s going on and enjoy it. Dave Filoni emphasizes the importance the series places on storytelling. Characters like Plo Koon and Aayla Secura are looked at in greater detail in short series arcs. Plus the clone troopers themselves play a larger role. The series goes in to show the personalities of the clones as individuals rather than brainwashed masses. There are deserters, betrayers, and others as well. Filoni compares the new series with the Star Wars Tales Comics, a very story driven, character driven series.


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Each episode is a half hour long (22 minute run time). They use CGI animation for each episode with a bit of Japanese anime influence on the characters. There will be 100 episodes at least. Dave Filoni, who has worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender, serves as the supervising director while many of the episodes have different directors. The show’s producer, Catherine Winder, has worked on Ice Age, Aeon Flux, and Spawn. Previously she did most of her work in Japan and animation. George Lucas has also played a big role in each episode’s creation. He has taken the time to write scripts and plot outlines for several episodes along with helping direct everyone else. Another big impression he has made on the stories is character development. In fact so much has gone into this that production has actually slowed down. Kilian Plunket, a character designer for The Clone Wars series has done work for the Aliens, Droids, and Tales comics, designing covers and working with the artwork. For The Clone Wars he has designed Mace Windu and Palpatine plus a little bit of everything else. In an interview with TV Guide, George Lucas talked about Indiana Jones and advice for aspiring filmmakers. In the second section, Lucas shares information on the new Clone Wars animated series:
“Unfortunately, it doesn’t fall into the realm of what animation [typically] is, which is either adult, kind of off-color humor or kiddie stuff. This is, like Star Wars, sort of in between those two things. It’s a lot of battle stuff, and it’s obviously the Clone Wars, so it’s a war picture. So it’s kind of a PG-13 animated TV series, which is something that has never been done before and obviously doesn’t fit in any of the conventional slots that these things fall into. In that, it’s very different, and I think it’s very exciting. It’s got a very, very sophisticated look to it. It’s very much like the features. We’re still trying to figure out how to put it on the air.”



  • Tom Cane, voice actor for Yoda and Wullf Yularen. Check out his interview here.
  • James Arnold Taylor, voice actor for Obi-Wan. Check out his interview here.
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  • Tom Kenny, the voice of Nute Gunray. Check it out here.
  • Steve Melching, one of the writers for the Clone Wars. Check it out here.
  • Cat Taber, the voice of Padme Amidala, speaks out in a new interview. Check it out here.
  • Dee Bradley Baker, voice actor of the clones. Check out his interview here.
  • Olivia d’Abo, voice actor for Luminara Unduli. Check out her interview here.
  • James Marsters, voice actor of Captain Argyus. Check out his interview here.
  • Nika Futterman, the voice actress for Asajj Ventress. Check it out here.
  • Mathew Wood, the voice actor for Wat Tambor, Greivous, and the battle droids. Check out his interview here.
  • Terrence Carson, the voice actor for Mace Windu. Check out his interview here.
  • Brian George, voice actor for King Katuunko and Chairman Chi Cho. Check out his interview here.
  • George Takei, voice actor for Lok Durd. Check out his interview here.
  • Jennifer Hale, voice actress for Aayla Secura, and Senator Riyo Chuchi. Check out her interview here.
  • Jim Cummings, voice actor for Hondo Ohnaka. Check out his interview here.
  • Phil LaMarr voice actor for Kit Fisto, the tactical droids, and others. Check out his interview here.
  • Jaime King, voice actress for season two. Check out her interview here.
  • Corey Burton, voice actor for Cad Bane, Count Dooku, and Ziro the Hutt. Check out his interview here.
  • Dave Filoni, supervising director for The Clone Wars. Check out his interviews here and here.


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