Will Bossk Be A Bane in TCW?

Bane and Bossk

MTV Movies has released two new photos of characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 2: Cad Bane and Bossk!  Pictures say a thousand words, so hit the jump to see the two “B List” bounty hunters.

Update: The Official Star Wars Blog has posted photos of three more Season 2 characters.  All five can be found on the walls of the Comic-Con Star Wars Pavilion.

MTV Movies - Cad Bane 

A heartless blaster-for-hire, Cad Bane is quintessentially cold, cruel and calculating - the best of his kind in all the galaxy. Returning in the second season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (airing this fall on Cartoon Network), he proves that when the price is right, he can't be stopped.

MTV Movies - Bossk 

First glimpsed in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, Bossk is a towering reptilian mercenary, known throughout the galaxy for his insatiable bloodlust and his heavy armament. He makes his Clone Wars debut in the second season of the hit animated series on Cartoon Network.


Nice Hat

Aurra Sing

If the file names are any indication, the names of the two new characters might be “Sugi” and “Nice Hat” (highlight to read).  While the former could be her actual name, the latter character probably has a temporary nickname.

Source: MTV Movies, Official Star Wars Blog

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