SDCC Last Updated: 7/24/2009 8:35 PM PST For the next few days will be updating this post with all of the news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con concerning Star Wars and the Expanded Universe. Be sure to check back for updates! Star Wars Spectacular:
  • Celebration 5 will be in 2010.  The location and dates have yet to be determined.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes will be released on October 6th.  Apparently, they pushed it back from September 15th.
  • New DLC for The Force Unleashed is set on Tatooine and features Boba Fett. More details.
  • Brand new compilation pack for The Force Unleashed: The Ultimate Sith edition. With all the DLC and an exclusive add-on: A level set on Hoth, where The Secret Apprentice will be at Darth Vader's side. The game will also be available on PC and Mac. 
  • The tone of the TCW Season 1 finale will be the tone of the entire second season!
  • We will see lots of bounty hunters, both new and old.  Including a young Boba Fett.
  • Obi-Wan has a romantic interest: Satine.
  • TCW Season 2 involves a lot backstory for familiar Star Wars characters.
  • TCW will visit a “big water planet,” Mustafar, Mandalore, and more.
  Other Star Wars Announcements:
  • Star Wars Comics on the i-Phone.
  • Essential Atlas info:  Maps for Thrawn, Zsinji, Vong, and Legacy. New pictures of Ben, Jaina, Luke, Mara, Jacen/Caedus, Lumiya, and Anakin Solo. (EUC Comic-Con source)
  • New action figure comic packs: Wedge/Borsk, Krayt/Imperial Knight (Sigel Dare), and Lumiya/Luke (lightwhip and shoto included). (EUC Comic-Con source)
  • Dave Filoni reports Season 2 of Clone Wars will be much darker than season 1; equating season 1 to ANH and season 2 is ESB. (SWAN)
  • Ahsoka will be getting more hard edged and Palpatine will be trying to knock out some Jedi pre-Order 66. (SWAN)
  • From Dave Filoni panel: Another CW movie: Unlikely. Last move put a lot of stress on crews and Filoni's busy enough as is. (EUC Comic-Con source)
  • From Dave Filoni panel: No "rogue Jedi" in TCW. Lucas/Filoni don't really see Jedi going wrong. Vos/Sora Bulq probably not in TCW. (EUC Comic-Con source)
  • Dark Horse: Two one-shot SW comics coming this winter.
  • From FOTJ Panel: Blood Oath is postponed indefinitely but not canceled. (EUC Comic-Con source)
  • From FOTJ Panel: Third Lost Tribe to released around Backlash. (EUC Comic-Con source)
  • From FOTJ Panel: FOTJ 6 is Vortex! October 2011: follow up novel to Allegiance! (EUC Comic-Con source)
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