One-Shot Dark Horse Comics Revealed!

Dark Horse said at San Diego Comic-Con to expect two one-shot comics later this year for the galaxy far, far away. The wait for the announcement for what they were wasn't long. According to DH Editor Randy Stradley, Star Wars comic fans can expect to see both Invasion # 0 ( slated to include the online material with six new story pages) as well as Purge # 2 later this year, hitting sometime between October and December. Purge was a story written by SW veteran John Onstrander about Vader tracking down, and killing, a group of Jedi following the events of Revenge of the Sith. Released in late '05, Purge was a one-shot itself.  No writer has been named for it, but with Onstrander recently falling ill, it's possible that a current SW comic writer will take up the pen. We shall wait and see. Purge # 2, like its predecessor, will be a Vader vs. Jedi story.  More as we learn it! Special thanks to our friend Eddie for tipping us off Source: Dark, Dark Horse Message Boards

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