Mark Hamill Returning to SW By Way of TCW?

Update: According to Club Jade, the International Mark Hamill Fan Club says that Mark Hamill's voice is not in The Clone Wars Season 2 trailer.  Sorry to get everyone's hopes up. Our friends over at Yak Face, the SW collecting site, have an interesting theory by one of their readers. The theory centers around the possibility of Mark Hamill coming back to Star Wars in audio form. Mark Hamill, who we of course all know as Luke Skywalker, is theorized to be returning to Star Wars in the form of a voice-actor working on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Who might he voice? Well, it seems he might be voicing the Mandalorian leader, who can be seen above, in the second season of The Clone Wars. The Mandalorian leader appears in the trailer for TCW Season 2 for a little while at the end, which makes it hard to tell. It does kind of sound of like a deep Hamill voice. Two other supporting points: Mark Hamill is a voice actor, currently, and is probably most famous for his role as Joker in Batman TV series and the upcoming Batman video game.  It would make sense to cast him in a role that, from what we can tell, takes knowing how to laugh and be evil. Also, according to this summary of SDCC '09 events by, The Clone Wars will "see several helmeted Mandalorian warriors (one with an oddly familiar voice) whose agenda remains mysterious…" Sound familiar? It should, of course, as Luke said that Dagobah gave him an oddly familiar feeling in The Empire Strikes Back. Now, this of course is only a rumor and speculative thing, but it does hold strong merit. What do you all think? Is it Hamill's voice? Let us know in the comments! Source: Yak Face, Blog

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