Dave Filoni, Steve and Catherine talk CW

Again, fresh from Wondercon, the official SW.Com blog has the entire Q&A section of Steve Sansweet, Dave Filoni, and Catherine Winder about the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Here's an excerpt: SS: You know with union wages what they are these days, we can’t afford to have them up here very long. But I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more clone costumes. This is very exciting. We’re getting very close. You’ve been working on this for, what seems like forever and a week I’m sure to you guys. What exactly are The Clone Wars? CW: Well, The Clone Wars is an animated series which is based on the wars that took place between the live-action movies Episode II and Episode III. It’s going to be airing on the Cartoon Network and TNT in the fall of this year… finally! We’re really excited. Dave Filoni: It’s a chance for us to explore a lot of things that George finally wanted to get around to. He’s not restricted to having to tell the complete cycle of six films that he really wanted to finish. Now, we’ve got the opportunity and he’s got the time, and it’s pretty exciting. SS: We’re looking at some concept art and sculpts and… it’s like making a movie! Like making a Star Wars movie, and that’s in fact what it’s become. A Star Wars movie and a weekly Star Wars movie, so we’re all very excited by that. But, I sort of remember… didn’t we do this once before? Didn’t we do an animated Clone Wars series? What’s the difference? CW: Well the Cartoon Network did produce a Clone Wars series but it wasn’t exactly the same. It was traditionally animated and it was small vignettes — two minutes, four minutes– that took moments during the Clone Wars and explored them. It was directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. You can read the entire discussion here. Enjoy! Source: The Official Star Wars.com Blog

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