New Upcoming Book Release Dates

According to, three novels, The Force Unleashed, Republic Commando: Order 66, and Luke Skywalker and the Shadows Of Mindor, have all been pushed back. Here are the new dates:
  • The Force Unleashed by Sean Williams: August 19 (Was June 24)
  • Republic Commando: Order 66 by Karen Travis: September 16 (Was August 5)
  • Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor by Matt Stover: October 21 (Was September 30)
We don't know why they have been pushed back, but it could have something to do with Star Wars: The Clone Wars works or the mystery novel reported a few days ago-it's anyone's guess as to why they were pushed back, but they have been. Our Release Schedule has been updated, so check it out. Source: 

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